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Az_Grand Canyon--Slot Canyon- Crooked Rd--baby chloeSab 036

  at the Grand Canyon, on assignment


Especially in a time of dire economic hardships, people comment that they envy my travels and my “interesting” experiences. Yes, I focus on the positives and the fun things. And yes, there have been bountiful times, and many interesting people in my long life, and I enjoy remembering and sharing them.

But I’ve been holding back. I still write about the interesting people, but I’ve recently hesitated when writing about travel, something I have done professionally for over 30 years, and something I love doing.

I’m not altogether comfortable writing about travel when so many of us are struggling right now. I was aware as I wrote about past trips to Antarctica and romances in China and other exotic locales that there are people without jobs for many months. And there are seniors with fixed funds cut to shreds in this near depression, who have health problems, who don’t sleep well, and who live alone.

In fact, I was one of those people for most of this decade, until this year. Most of my fun tales date from before then. And I guess that’s a main point of this post. Things can change.

My life has been filled with extremes of all sorts, from gigglingly great to desperately awful, and I’ve adapted to both, and tried to stay positive. Sometimes the glass was half-full and sometimes, like now, it’s overflowing. But I have never felt it half-empty, even when it was.

Those of us who are able to write or draw or photograph have an extra reason to be thankful. Our talents will never leave us, and they allow us to visit past pleasures, bringing others along for the ride.

So if I again write anecdotes set in faraway places, as I so enjoy doing, I hope you can relax and enjoy them with me. We all bring something to this life. Maybe I’m one who brings a bit of escapism, someone who can ease tension and open horizons.

And maybe I’m the one who needs to realize that most of all.

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Author: Lea Lane

Lea Lane is an award-winning writer/editor and world traveler, who’s visited over 100 countries. She was managing editor of “Travel Smart” newsletter and was the “Going it Alone” columnist for Gannett newspapers. She has written six books, contributed to dozens of guidebooks, and is a featured blogger on the huffingtonpost, and

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