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Hi travel lovers, and welcome! If you’re wondering who I am and why you should stay awhile, here goes.

I’m an award-winning , seasoned  travel writer and communicator, and I’ve traveled to over 100 countries. I write for magazines, newspapers and Websites, and I’ve authored seven books (including Solo Traveler, finalist for best travel book of the year from the North American Travel Journalist’s Association).

Need more reasons to read me? I’ve contributed to dozens of other books, from encyclopedias to guidebooks. I wrote a column called “Going It Alone,” for Gannett Newspapers, and was managing editor of “Travel Smart” newsletter.

My latest book is Travel Tales I Couldn’t Put In The Guide Books, available on Amazon and on Kindle.

But most of all, I love life, travel, laughter, people. This site offers personal tales and insights I often wasn’t able to put into my other travel writing.

After 40 years of  travel writing, I have lots to share. So please  read, comment and bookmark us.

Happy reading, and safe and glorious travels! 





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